Friday, 30 July 2010

Friday, July 30th - The water lilly

I rarely have to patience for origami that involves sticky tape and curling things, but i thought Id give it a go today. It wasnt too complicated, and Ill admit the fiddliness wasnt overwhelming, but youd think that for the effort, it would look more like a waterlilly

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Thursday, July 29th - The winged hat

My winged hat wouldnt stay folded. I had to hold it in a certain way to keep it together for the photo. It does look like a winged hat though - kind of like a chieftain helmet or something

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Wednesday, July 28th - The blow up basket

The blow up basket is one of those ones where you have to blow in it ot complete it. Now last time I had one of these it really didnt work so I was a little apprehensive.
It did work though and even if it doesnt look like a basket, it does look like the picture provided in the instructions.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Tuesday, July 27th - The elephant trick

the elephant trick is an elephant head thats supposed to have a moving trunk. The moving trunk bit didnt work, and the elephant head was too fat to really be an elephant day so i constitute todays origami as a failure.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Monday, July 26th - The american woodcock

I dont know what an american woodcock looks like. So thanks to google, here is an american woodcock:
Mine doesnt look much like that. There were too many reverse folds. If im forced to do too many reverse folds it just looks really messy. I also started with the wrong base which didnt help, but I managed to salvage that....

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Friday July 15th to Sunday July 25th - The holiday origami

I had a plan. I did all my origami before going on holiday and took it with me. The plan was to take pictures of my origami on the beach and stuff, to give my origami a holiday feeling. I didnt manage to do thar for two reasons. The first reason is that I completely forgot. The second is that for most of the week my origami would have gotten wet on the beach.
I remembered about my origami when I got home and unpaked, so I took a picture of it now. In the picture there is a flamingo, a failed rowing boat (it wouldnt stay together), a rabbit, a hawaiian short and shirt set and something that should be a cat.
I also made a box, which is quite sturdy but doesnt look like a box at all

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Thursday, July 15th - Butterfly mystery

I was a bit frightened of doing the butterfly mystery, because it looked like it involved crazy folds. On top of that the last step involved scissors. I really thought id failed when it looked likt it was falling apart. But i was ok and it looks like a butterfly!!!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Wednesday, July 14th - The shark attack

My shark does not look menacing, and in fact it looks a little like a whale.

Tuesday, July 13th - The teeter-totter

In britain, we call the teeter-totter the see-saw, and thats how I will refer to it from now on. One requirement of making the see-saw was that I had to draw faces on the supposedly happy children playing on the see-saw. Unfortunately for these origami children, I dont like see-saws. At all. See-saws cause pain and despair and a slight lump in my lip which has been there for 14 years now. So the children in my origami are not happy that they have been forced to play on the see-saw.

Monday, June 12th - The twin penguins

I love penguins, and this origami creation actually looks like penguins, so I have no complaint

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Friday, July 9th Saturday July10th and Sunday July 11th - The puff owl

The puff owl was a two parter, which I actually did in two parts. The only problem is that the picture they gave me at the end of the first part was actually the completed picture, and it took me a while to realise that the reason why mine looked half done compared to the picture. turns out it was because it was half done.
the finished product doesnt look much like an owl though

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Thursday, July 8th - The partition

I folded a partition, successully. Its very small though. All i can think about is what is it a partition for???

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Wednesday, July 7th - The bulldog

I thought the bulldog was going ok. I was following all the instructions and it really looked like it was coming together. The end product looks like an owl.

Tuesday, July 6th - Spot the ladybird

This was supposed to be one of those fun tasks where you draw spots on it and then fold it and then draw more spots. I drew spots on it (or actually I scribbled on it), folded it then scribbled some more. I didnt make much effort because they didnt give any instructions on what porportions to use when folding, so i ended up with a really flat fat ladybird. Totally exasperated with origami.

Monday, July 5th - The super swirl bird

It took me three days to fold this one. I couldnt understand the arrows and whenever I tried it fell apart. I managed in the end, but it doesnt swirl, so I didnt take a video of it.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Friday, July 2nd, Saturday July 3rd and Sunday July 4th - The cone (of candy)

Ahhhh, something nice and simple. Today, I folded a cone and put rainbow drops in it and called it done. Then I ate the rainbow drops.
Life is good

Thursday, July 1st - Four leaf decoration

This origami creation involved cutting the initial sheet of paper into four smaller, equally sized pieces. Usually this kind of task does not go well for me. I cant seem to use scissors. But this time I actually managed. The rest of the task was annoying though. Lots of little folds for something really flimsy that falls apart easily. Or maybe I just didnt do it right....

Wednesday, June 30th - Lil Chirp

Apologies for the delay. It's moving week. Internet got cut off for 2 days and Ive only just managed to spare some time to slightly catch up. So wednesday's was something called Lil' chirp. I have a feeling that a woman who thinks pink fluffy things are soooooo cute named this thing. Its just a birds head.